Online Training, Coaching, Church-Planting and Networking for Digital; Micro; House; New and Female Church Pastors.

Digital Church Consultation through GHMI


For leaders who need a little guidance or direction, Church Consultation helps to put together a digital, business or spiritual map for an effective ministry.


Destination Legacy Leadership Academy provides online ministry training to fulfill licensing requirements within external organizations or through Glory House Ministries.

Online Ministry Training & Licensing through GHMI


Biblical and pastoral Christian-life coaching is available for leaders by way of online courses, resources, self-coaching subscriptions and one-to-one individualized sessions.


The AMP Program is our signature Church Planting procedure for independent leaders looking to plant community based ministries with or separate from GHMI.


The A7MKM Ministries is an organization for like-minded leaders to fellowship and support one another in all Kingdom related ethics, events and leadership endeavors.


~Pastor Deidre Campbell-Jones, MTh is available for speaking and teaching engagements - both online and in-person. Click "more" for booking information and full bio.

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